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At Westside Fire Services we are passionate about providing the best fire protection service possible. That is why we not only design and install your fire protection systems to suit your individual needs, but we also service those systems and train you in their use as well. Your protection is our business.


Our Commitment

Westside Fire Services make safety, our number one priority. Recognizing that safety is a state of mind, we ensure every employee develops and maintains a responsible, self disciplined attitude to their own and others safety.

We Practice:

  • Anticipating problems before they occur
  • Being alert and analyzing our working environment
  • A disciplined approach of taking responsibility for our actions

Feature Rich Field Service Software

Inspection and Testing

Each of our field based technicians are required to inspect and test our client’s sites to ensure that each piece of equipment is compliant with the latest standard. Westside uses an efficient online system where each technician can complete their testing in real time, and all reports, faults and recommendations are instantly available to the client or can be saved for retrieval via Westside’s online client portal.

Whenever required you can see when services are due, the latest site status report and any items which require attention – taking all compliance worries away.

Our online scheduling system also ensures that all services are completed in accordance with the tolerances provided by the relevant Australian Standard. Westside eliminates the stress of wondering if your site is compliant by managing the process for you.

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Web-Based Client Portal

Our user-friendly client portal allows you to login and retrieve maintenance records, quotations and invoices as well as a comprehensive report on the status of each of your assets – all in real time.

QR and Bar coding on each of your assets also allows you to retrieve a unique reference number from your asset and access the portal for quick and easy record and status retrieval.

No time delay in processing paperwork, no compliance issues and all problems discovered instantly – saving you time, money and keeping your business safe.

Strata Services

Commercial Services

Industrial Services


We design and install fire protection systems, specifically tailored to your building requirements.


We offer regular servicing and maintenance to ensure that your systems are working at their most optimum levels, at all times.


The Emergency Call Out service, ensures that you are covered 24-hours, 7 days a week for fault and emergency.  


We design fire fighting systems to ensure that your building and people in it, are able to fight fires effectively. 


Our highly regarded training team, deliver emergency training courses, which are designed to give you the best possible protection when fighting fires.


We offer fire safety audits to ensure that any fire safety issues are identified and provide recommendations to alleviate any deficiencies.

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Westside Fire Services is a Western Australian owned and operated company, who have been providing fire protection services for over 30 years.

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