Fire can have a devastating effect on a structure and is a serious risk to the safety and welfare of building occupants. Property loss and damage can result in lengthy disruption while repairs and rebuilding take place.

Fire Hydrant Water Recovery

There’s no reason to waste thousands of litres of water when flow-testing fire hydrants! Westside has developed a new, innovative way to recover water lost during testing. Australian Standard. 1851 requires fire hydrants to have an annual flow test – so before your next inspection, have a look at www.westside.com.au


Educational facilities can have the same hazards as other workplaces but they also have a range of risks associated with their function. Schools and universities are often the target of accidental fires or arson.


Fires create panic among retailers and the general public. They can cause damage to property, equipment and stock, and can result in lengthy and expensive downtime while repairs and rebuilding take place.