What Is A Fire Hose Reel

When a fire starts action must be taken to quickly minimise damage and prevent injuries or fatalities. For larger fires a fire extinguisher may not be enough.

Fire hose reels are provided for the occupants of a building to take first response action. As a part of the fire safety system, they provide occupants with access to an unlimited water supply for extinguishing fires and for protecting themselves from radiant heat.

A compliant fire hose can reach flames from a safe distance using pressurised water. The amount of water can quickly put dangerous flames under control and help to create a barrier preventing the spread of the fire.

The stream from fire hose reels allow their use to be at least 4 metres from the seat of the fire compared with 2 metres for fire extinguishers.

Why Do Buildings Have Fire Hose Reels?

The Building Code of Australia volume 1 parts EP1.1 and E1.4, H3.10 and G4.8 detail the mandatory requirement for fire hose reels to be provided in various classes of buildings.

How Do I Operate A Hose Reel?

Training on the use of fire hose reels prior to using one is imperative. There are 4 steps to operating a manual fire hose reel. Automatic versions operate the water valve when the hose is pulled.

reel instructions

Maintenance, Inspection & Testing

Western Australia’s building legislation requires owners of Class 2 to Class 9 buildings (which includes residential apartments) to ensure the building’s firefighting services and equipment are maintained. This is to ensure that safety systems remain capable of performing to a standard not less than they were originally required and commissioned to achieve.

There is a financial penalty for noncompliance with the building legislation.

The Building Commission considers the adoption of Australian Standard AS1851-2012 Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment as good practice and a means for owners to ensure fire safety measures are serviced at regular frequencies to demonstrate suitable operation, and rectified or repaired if necessary to meet their regulatory obligation on maintenance.

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