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Aged Care bluwhite

With frail and often immobile residents the installation and maintenance of fire systems for aged care requires planning and a respectful understanding of the environment. Technical expertise is essential to ensure inadequate fire systems don’t expose patients and staff to unnecessary risk.


There are no simple rules to follow for commercial properties because each building is different, both in its layout and fire risks. However, when a fire occurs the priorities in all buildings is early detection and orderly evacuation. If fire systems are not properly maintained serious damage can occur to the building and the contents. Occupants can also be exposed to unnecessary risk due to broken warning systems and damaged fire doors.

Data Centre bluwhite

The high value and sensitivity of the electronic equipment found in modern data centres, combined with the consequences of system interruption, makes fire protection a critical component of any risk assessment.


Educational facilities can have the same hazards as other workplaces but they also have a range of risks associated with their function. Schools and universities are often the target of accidental fires or arson. Also, many educational facilities incorporate laboratories or workshops where staff and students may be exposed to fire hazards, dangerous substances and machinery.

Health Care bluwhite

With frail, often immobile paitents fire protection in healthcare facilities requires careful planning and technical knowledge. It is important that healthcare providers seek professional assistance to ensure a tailored solution is implemented for their facilities. This includes emergency procedures for mobility restricted patients and localised systems for valuable medical resources.


The hospitality sector faces many challenges when it comes to fire protection and the safety of guests and staff. Unlike traditional workplaces where management can implement and train all occupants in the emergency procedures such as how to use a fire extinguisher and fire hose reel. Hospitality venues are required to safely manage a daily rotation of new guests. Additional risks are busy commercial kitchens, casual staff and people with disabilities.

Industrial bluwhite

Fire can have a devastating effect on a business and poses a serious risk to the safety and welfare of building occupants. Business interruption because of damage to expensive equipment and lost data can be difficult to recover from. It is important that business owners understand the consequences and invest in appropriate fire protection solutions.


Multiple sleeping occupants is the most important risk to consider when designing a fire protection solution for residential buildings. It is essential that smoke detectors and a compliant warning system is provided to allow sleepers enough time to wake and evacuate before the fire becomes too intense.

Retail bluwhire

Fires create panic amongst retailers and the general public. They can cause damage to property, equipment and stock, and can result in lengthy and expensive downtime while repairs and rebuilding take place. It is important that fire safety systems are installed and properly maintained and that emergency plans are in place and practiced.

Special Hazards

Special hazards can be defined as any area containing equipment, processes or stock of exceptionally high value, contain unique or irreplaceable assets or any area or process where the revenue produced is of greater value than the equipment itself. A special hazard can be a building, an area, a room or a piece of equipment. Fire protection systems generally have very sensitive smoke detectors and a suppression system that is either water or a gaseous agent.

Strata bluwhite

Fire can have a devastating effect on a structure and is a serious risk to the safety and welfare of building occupants. Property loss and damage can result in lengthy disruption while repairs and rebuilding take place. All strata-titled properties including residential buildings are required to carry out a fire safety inspection of the common property. This should be carried out at least annually to identify issues relating to the fire services within the building.