What Are Service Penetrations?

Passive fire protection is using fire-resisting building elements (doors, windows, voids, and service penetrations) to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and structural collapse. When compliant systems are installed, maintained and tested correctly, it improves life safety and property protection.

One of the main areas for concern are service penetrations. Service Penetrations are commonly made to allow for the movement and transport of trade services/systems within a building.

Service Contractor Responsibility

Fire safety measures (including fire-resisting building elements) must be routinely serviced and the building owner or in some cases the occupier, must ensure that any penetrations within their building are appropriately protected. Typically building owners would put this into the hands of their contractor to choose and install the appropriate fire system.

Maintenance, Inspection & Testing

Western Australia’s building legislation requires owners of Class 2 to Class 9 buildings (which includes residential apartments) to ensure the building’s firefighting services and equipment are maintained. This is to ensure that safety systems remain capable of performing to a standard not less than they were originally required and commissioned to achieve.

There is a financial penalty for noncompliance with the building legislation.

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