Fires occur each year, most of which are preventable which means, death and injuries don’t have to occur. The safety of buildings occupants must therefore, be in the forefront of any employers or managers mind.

Financially, a fire can cause significant loss due to the damaged caused or the on going effects to the productivity of the business. Insurance can provide peace of mind, but wouldn’t it be better if the fire didn‘t happen at all?

Fire Safety Audits ensure that fire safety issues are clearly identified with recommendations to alleviate any deficiencies observed. Our audits comply with Australian Standard 4655 – Fire Safety Audits, which sets out the minimum requirements for auditing of fire safety measures within all workplaces.

Our auditing team, consist of fully qualified personnel with many years’ experience both on the servicing and auditing side of the business. In conducting an audit, our team follows auditing criteria, which includes inspecting the buildings layout, systems and preparedness for a fire. All of which are then supported by detailed reports. If there are any deficiencies observed, following the report, Westside Fire Services will continue to work with you to address them.


Westside Fire Services is a Western Australian owned and operated company, who have been providing fire protection services for over 30 years.

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